American Marketing Association

Saint Leo University, Florida


March Events


First ThursdayBoys and Girls Club (on campus: make kites)
Second Thursday Spring break
Third Monday  Etiquette dinner
Third ThursdayBoys and Girls Club (visit them)
Third Friday Tampa AMA meeting (Bucs)
FourthThursday Chapter meeting (speaker: Dr. Gonzalez on promotion)



Point System


To reward diligence and excellence, the AMA will provide you with a free trip to the International Collegiate Conference 1.


Essentially, you will be paid to learn invaluable skills necessary in any career.  It is like being paid to attend college. 



The following point system will be used (v.p. maintains the Excel file every week) 2:


                        Attract New Paid Member (per member, list name)                                         2


Case Competition (total, not per hour)                                                           10


            Community Service (per hour, excluding travel)                                                1


            Community Service days in fall and spring, Boys and Girls Club, Christmas toys, Easter baskets, etc.

Note: Donating five cans for Thanksgiving equals one point

(maximum of 10 cans)


            Executive Board Meetings (weekly) (per meeting)                                           1


            Chapter Meetings (weekly) (per meeting)                                                       1


            Fundraising (per hour)                                                                                        1


                        Internal / External Communication (per hour, excluding recruiting)                   1


                        Professional Development Meetings (per hour, excluding travel time)              1

On-campus (e.g., speakers, etiquette, resume writing, personal selling), Tampa AMA, University of South Florida, etc.)


            SGU meetings (per hour)                                                                              1

            Other (not listed above, per hour)                                                                 1

1 Members must complete at least four hours per semester of fundraising on the care packages,  professional development, and community service (total of 24 hours) to eligible.

 2 You will not receive points unless you provide a description of each activity.  


E-Board must send their hours to the faculty advisor for approval.   VP of membership cannot record points for e-board members until the faculty advisor approves.     

Regional conference does not count in the point system.  

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